P2P Lending – Taking The Fear Out Of “Shadow Banking”

P2PFor years now, big bank lenders have warned the public about the dangers of dealing with “shadow” (i.e. non-bank) lending institutions. The term itself conjures up images of shady back-room deals where someone is handed money in a paper bag and told to pay it back in a week, “or else!” To borrow a line from one of my favorite movies, the Usual Suspects, Shadow banking institutions “have become a myth, a spook story that banks tell their clients … leave us, and the shadow bankers will get you!” … However, with the astronomic recent rise of technology based, non-bank, lending alternatives such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, it’s really the big banks that should be afraid … very afraid!

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Enter The Age Of Illinois Crowdfunding


I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that, after more than a year of lobbying, this week the Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding Bill (HB 3429) was approved. In fact, in a rare display of true bipartisan action (especially for Illinois), the bill received unanimous support in both the House and the Senate. As the Bill moves to the Governor’s desk for signature there is a lot of excitement building among entrepreneurs and investors as we usher in the age of Illinois Crowdfunding.

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STATE OF THE STATES – An Update On Intrastate Crowdfunding (May, 2015)

Sos Update

Normally when I write about updates on intrastate crowdfunding legislation it’s simply to let readers know that one, two maybe even as many as three states, have either enacted or proposed new legislation. Not this time however, as the first quarter of 2015 has brought an explosion of intrastate legislation.

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INFOGRAPHIC – Understanding Today’s Capital Options

Picture1They say that there is no such thing as bad press but I am not so sure that I agree with that statement. While this may be the case for the Kardashians, I don’t think the same holds true for the crowdfunding/P2P lending industries. In fact, based on some of the recent articles I have read, the press’ often lack of understanding might be doing more harm than good in terms of helping the general public understand what these industries are and how they can be useful. To help clarify things, Kiran Lingam (general counsel of SeedInvest.com) and I put together an Infographic analyzing the various existing capital options.

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P2P LENDING – Big Money Investors Looking For Piece Of The Pie

money-pie1It is clear that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is here to stay but long gone are the days of actual “peers” lending to “peers.” Today Wall Street firms, hedge funds and other “big money investors”, make up the overwhelming bulk of the funds being lent through P2P lending platforms thus the migration to the label “marketplace lending”. This trend is only getting stronger as these big money investors are seemingly tripping over themselves just to throw money at the P2P platforms in hopes of grabbing a piece of (what some estimate will be) the $1 Trillion dollar P2P pie….

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