About the Blog

This Blog is authored by me (Anthony Zeoli), a partner at Freeborn & Peters LLP and a member of the firm’s corparate, real estate and securities groups.

During my career I have represented many companies and business owners in various stages of growth ranging from inception to exit and beyond. I must say thought that I have always had a penchant for working with entrepreneurs and small businesses as they are just starting to find their groove. I find their excitement and enthusiasm contagious and finding new and creative ways to tackle their unique legal needs always keeps things exciting for me.

I also have a deep interest in crowdfunding. If you are familiar at all with the world of crowdfunding you know that equity/debt crowdfunding will be a game changer and that current and proposed regulation of U.S. equity/debt crowdfunding sources is one of the most important developments affecting entrepreneurs and small businesses today. As this emerging world of equity/debt crowdfunding moves closer and closer to becoming a viable method for entrepreneurs and start-ups to find capital (and for investors to find places to invest) I spend much of my time researching and staying on top of current regulations and legal matters in the industry.

I started this Blog as a way for me to share my legal experience, thoughts and views on various crowdfunding and other matters which may be of interest to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Hopefully you, as the reader, will find the information presented in this Blog both interesting and informative.

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

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