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Anthony Zeoli is an experienced transactional attorney with a national practice. Specializing in the areas of securities, commercial finance, real estate and general corporate law, his clients range from individuals and small privately held businesses to multi-million dollar entities. Mr. Zeoli is also an industry-recognized crowdfunding, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and JOBS Act expert and is currently an active board member and Secretary of the CfPA (Crowdfunding Professional Association) and an active member of CFIRA (Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates). Most recently he drafted Illinois House Bill 3420, a bill which provides for an intrastate crowdfunding exemption in Illinois and which was unanimously approved by the Illinois’ house and Senate. Anthony is also currently actively involved with the entrepreneurship program at the University of Illinois at Chicago as both a mentor and a student advisor and is an active advisory board member of the New York Distance Learning Association (NYDLA).

Illinois Crowdfunding and Cannabis – Why They Are a Perfect Match

There has been a lot of contention lately over the issuance of retail cannabis licenses in Illinois. Many of the headlines center around disputes regarding the license lottery process itself. However, reading between the lines, it would appear that at … Continue reading

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Analyzing The Potential Effect Of The SEC’s Recent Changes To The “Accredited Investor” Definition

Its official, the “accredited investor” definition, which has not changed significantly since its enactment almost 40 years ago, has been massively upgraded. On August 26, 2020 the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) adopted final amendments to the “accredited investor” definition … Continue reading

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SEC Announces Significant Upgrades to both Reg. A and Reg. CF Rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued a series of proposed rule amendments which, in their words, are intended to “provide a more rational framework, eliminate complexity and increase access to capital while preserving and enhancing important investor protections … Continue reading

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The New Proposed “Accredited Investor” Definition Changes And Why They Are A BIG Deal

While it passed somewhat under the radar with the holiday season, on December 18, 2019 the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) released a proposal to significantly amend the existing “accredited investor” definition; which is integral in determining who can participate … Continue reading

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My 3-Point Plan To Help Fix Illinois

Now I know that this is clearly a far shift from the types of blog articles I typically do. However, given the current financial and other issues facing Illinois and its taxpayers, and the fact that things only seem to … Continue reading

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