STATE OF THE STATES – An Update On Intrastate Crowdfunding (October, 2016)

Sos Update

While I have kept both my statutory summary pages and comparative summaries relatively up to date, it has been quite a while since I have done an editorial update on Intrastate Crowdfunding. With the increased number of active Intrastate regulations, as well as the growing popularity of the new Title III regulations, I though it was time to take another lay of the land.

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Key Elements To A Successful Reg A+ Offering and Why DSTLD Is A “Perfect Fit”


Now I don’t usually use this blog to discuss particular crowdfunding offerings. However, after seeing a recent MSNBC piece on DSTLD, and their current Regulation A+ equity offering, I simply had to highlight their truly model story. I believe many wannabe Reg A+ issuers could learn a lot from the DSTLD team, both in terms of what is needed to conduct a successful Reg A+ offering and what to expect.

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To Disclose or Not To Disclose, That Is The Question

DisclosureIn connection with a private offering of securities the issuer will provide potential investors with some form of disclosure document. Regardless of what type of offering it is (e.g. Rule 506, Title III, Intrastate, or other private offering), the intent of this disclosure document is to give potential investors all material information about the company and the deal before they invest. Unfortunately many issuers see this exercise as more of a burden and typically opt for providing only the minimum amount of information possible. This type of approach can often lead to trouble later and with all of the new private offering options available to issuers I thought I would share some my thoughts on the subject.

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The “Fix Crowdfunding Act” – What It Fixes And What It Doesn’t Fix

Fix ItIn early June, the U.S. House of Representatives, Financial Services Committee, approved the “Fix Crowdfunding Act” bill (or HR 4855). Maybe it’s the title of the bill that is misleading, but since then I have seen multiple articles which incorrectly describe what this bill, if fully passed, would do. As a result I felt it necessary to do a detailed review of the bill itself to point out what in fact it actually does and doesn’t do.

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Follow The Leader: Why The U.S. Needs A Federal Tax Credit For Angel Investors

Angel Tax CreditThe UK crowdfunding market is the leading, and most successful, crowdfunding market for several reasons. Arguably the primary reason for their success is that the UK tailored, and continues to tailor, their securities laws specifically to promote crowdfunding/P2P lending. A lesser known reason however, is the availability of certain tax incentives for angel investors. Tax incentives which the U.S. currently does not, but certainly should, have available.

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